I believe in dreaming bigger!

I am a certified life coach, speaker and youth advocate who is impassioned and motivated to infuse people's lives with ideas and inspirational solutions! Come alongside me and:

Live the I to I Principle!


My message is grounded in the belief that every person possesses a great identity that can lead to a place of immeasurable impact. I believe learning, growth, and a willingness to change are essential to achieving success and contentment.  


With an authentic, hope-filled message, I hope to inspire you to live happy, content and unashamed.  My dream is for you to connect to fulfilling relationships and a life-giving purpose.


It's easy to focus on individualism in our culture. However, I believe we were meant to be in relationships with others to share life-whether it's the challenges or the victories! No matter what your topic is, I'm there! Whether it's over coffee, mucho nachos, or a protein shake, I make time for chats about family, health, relationships, change, leadership, faith, and fun!



Time with my family, playing with my dog, visiting Montana, laughing, watching a great movie, reading books, building friendships, advocating for at-risk youth, teaching, learning, coaching and MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!



Certified Academic Life Coach

Teacher for 25 years

School Administrator

Successful Survivor's Speaker's Bureau Member

Women's Conference Speaker

Trained in outreach (Treasure's Ministry)  

Search and Rescue Level 1 Certification (Missing and Exploited Children)






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