My experience with Jenny has been phenomenal. I needed accountability in my life and to get over a few hurdles that were holding me back. Jenny is a ray of sunshine and springboard all rolled into one.  She is not afraid to ask the tough questions or go into the deep dive those questions may cause.  She listens and makes it easy to be honest with yourself.  She is empathetic, supportive, intuitive and genuine.

-Stephanie Lord

Business Owner


The vision and direction of your best life can be discovered by exploring your mindsets, systems, and habits with a life coach.  Examining these paradigms you help will recognize what is helpful or not helpful for optimal performance in your professional life.  Your relationships will benefit from increased self-awareness and building fluency with your thoughts and emotions.


The coaching relationship focuses on whom you want to be and what you want to do as you move forward to a place of success, happiness, and contentment.  All of us have an internal compass made up of beliefs, perspectives, and assumptions. YOU ARE THE EXPERT ON YOU!  Coaching helps you leverage your strengths, get past fears and empower you to move toward living the life you have always dreamed of having.  


All coaching services are offered by phone, FaceTime, through Zoom online classrooms, or in person.

*My coaching certification is approved by the International Coach Federation


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