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Are you a Story Changer?

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

There is nothing like being a part of SOMETHING significant to help SOMEONE significant. I am a part of an organization called the WayPoint Youth Foundation, and we refer to ourselves as Story Changers.

Every year, between twenty and thirty thousand youth age out of the foster care system in the United States. They are no longer eligible to live in government-subsidized foster or group homes. More often than not, they end up on the street, incarcerated, sexually exploited, or living in other precarious situations. There are approximately half a million kids in foster care in the US.

Of those who will age out this year:

-Only about 50% will have graduated from high school

-70% have stated a desire to go college.

-Less than 4% of those who do go onto school will graduate with an

advanced degree

-Many of those who try college will either live on the street while taking

classes or spend school breaks at homeless shelters as they have no

other options.

**Statistics change slightly from year to year. All numbers specified here are approximations.

WHO are we?

A story changer is a person with an unwavering belief, one who advocates, and has a willingness to take a risk on behalf of another human being and change their story.

WHY do we exist?

To help at-risk youth and young adults:

-Learn to navigate successful relationships

-Increase success in finding employment, education, and housing

-Feel a sense of empowerment and confidence in identifying and using

personal strengths

-Be heard

-Develop professional interpersonal skills

-Overcome obstacles

The door is open for the story they tell themselves about themselves to change in amazingly positive and empowering ways.

Are you a Story Changer? Here’s how to tell:

-You are ready to advocate vigorously on behalf of youth and young adults

from hard places, emancipated foster youth, and orphans

-You unwaveringly believe in the value and potential of those from hard


-You KNOW their past does not need to determine their future.

-You are willing to take risks of time, talent, and finances to make a

a difference in a life

Be a Story Changer!

Check us out at www.waypointyouthfoundation.org

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