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Are You Stuck?

A Life Coaching Exercise to get "UNSTUCK."

Everyone has seasons when they feel stuck. You may feel stuck in a job, a financial situation or workout plateau. That may mean feelings of boredom, frustration, monotony or a lack of progress in any number of areas in life. From a life coaching perspective, it is vital to make a decision or a change.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck:

1. What is the pay-off for being stuck?

2. What are you not willing to change yet?

3. Who will you need to become to complete your goal?

4. What happens if you continue in this present behavior?

5. What are you avoiding?

One fun way to make a change is to create a new, exciting vision for your life! It unlocks your ability to imagine an experience in the future and helps you see what it might be like to be in that position.

Using vision in your life has five components:


It is central to the vision process. It requires faith and trusting your imagination to allow the concept to take shape. Imagination gets better with practice.

Be aware of what is most important:

There are no wrong answers for a positive and fun vision for the future. What matters is that the vision aligns with your values and has an impact. Visioning also helps you become aware of obstacles and enables you to know what resources need to be sought out.

The Big Picture:

Having a compelling vision requires looking at something from a larger point of view and identifying the significance of the current action.

Little Details:

Vision requires looking at the minute details of the future and making those details more visceral.


Using vision requires energy and stamina. Both are critical when tapping into your imagination in this way.

Creating a vision means taking time out of your busy life to think specifically about what you want for your future. You can leverage your time by determining the best action to take and avoid wasting time on things that won't lead to a bigger vision.

Adding exciting details to your vision will give meaning to it and make it feel more real in the face of present circumstances. That hope for the future will help you manage motivation and keep you moving forward.

Having a vision is just one way what to overcome feeling stuck and moving forward in 2019!

Happy visioning!

Excerpts included in this article are from the 1.0 Academic Life Coaching Program (Developed by John Williams)

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