• Jenny Christiansen

Be-Don't Just Do.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" You have had that question posed to you-or perhaps have asked a child in your life the same one. What we are really asking is, "What job do you want to do?" The fact is, when we reach adulthood, we have jobs we may or may not like. Although the positions we hold are important, may I challenge you to shift your focus from what you're doing to who you're being?

Let me explain.

I spent 25 years as an educator. It was my job. The lectures, grading, and parent meetings were part of the day to day activities. I loved the richness of the History and Leadership lessons I taught. Much of the information would not remain in my student's minds--but they may remember the connection with someone that cared about them. Not just with me, but with every parent, coach, and mentor that encouraged them along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed my job. But honestly, the best part was the privilege of BEING an encourager, BEING a motivator, and in some way, BEING a dignity giver. Don't get me wrong, I love books, and curriculum-but it wasn't the facts that made the difference for me. It was who I got to BE as a teacher. There was a rhythm and a sense of joy I could never begin to describe. In the end, I learned that teaching was an action and teacher a title. The immense value came from the sense of being. It was life-giving.

My challenge to you as a life coach is for you to not just think about what you DO in your job but who you get to BE!

Your being comes into focus when you are self-aware. The more self-aware you are, the more motivated you become. That motivation leads to action and goal completion and productivity in whatever endeavors lie ahead.

The question is:

Are you making strides toward acknowledging self-awareness?

Do you know that being self-aware is often the missing piece of the puzzle that can help things fall into place?

As a life coach, I help my clients discover and understand who they are-which includes their personality, characteristics, values and habits.

Who that person perceives themselves to be as a tremendous influence on two areas:


Questions to ponder:

What characteristics do you have that you energize you?

What values do you have that you can build upon?

What does being a good __________ (insert a tangible aspiration here) mean to you?

What do you need to be to accomplish one of your goals?

Who do want to BE in accomplishing your goals?

Doing a job matters, but the person you get to be is beyond fulfilling!

Excerpts from the Academic Life Coaching Program by John Andrew Williams.

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