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Brainstorming-Big and Bold!

Do you have dreams? A powerful business idea? There are countless moments and seasons of our lives when unexpected ideas or lofty goals come to mind. The problem is, how do we see it through to fruition? One powerful way to get things moving is to brainstorm.  

The process of brainstorming can be a blast! I can remember various occasions in my career where we had opportunities to generate ideas and possible solutions for a particular problem or upcoming project. I also have a book with lists of brainstorming ideas about plans I would like to see come to life. I get a kick out of writing things down and then reflecting on them-they have proven to be very useful.  

There are numerous reasons why I loved the brainstorming process. The main one is that it is an opportunity to be creative. In a group setting the ideas are put forth without judgment. If you are conducting a personal brainstorming session, there are no boundaries or time limit-just writing. Nothing is ever wrong or too silly. The more, the better!

Brainstorming is a simple process and an excellent solution to any challenge or idea you may have, in any area of your life. Free yourself to generate book titles for the book you dream of writing, possible destinations for your dream vacation or visualizing decorations for your new office space!

Emma-Louise Elsey, Founder of the Coaching Tools Company, writes, "Remember that the goal of brainstorming is NOT to come up with lots of practical solutions but to come up with a large quantity of ideas. The quality of those ideas is not of great importance because brainstorming helps us kick-start the mind out of its stuck place, and come up with new and interesting directions. When brainstorming, we're interested in ALL ideas — however unlikely to succeed, ridiculous, funny, outrageous or silly. We capture the sensible, practical and even boring ideas too – but we don't limit ourselves by saying, "That won't work because…" After all, who knows where an impossible idea might lead?"

I love what Emma said! In working with my coaching clients, sometimes they feel stuck or perhaps nervous about developing an idea. It is empowering when they discover that brainstorming is an action. The action moves them forward and increases motivation! 

Below are five simple questions to move you into action: 

1. What could you stop doing?

2. What could you do less of?

3. What could you do more of?

4. What could you continue doing?

5. What could you start doing?

Our thoughts could be what's standing in the way of something brilliant. What may seem ridiculous could transform into an action that seemed impossible. Give brainstorming a try!

Excerpts from an article by Emma-Louise Elsy


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