• Jenny Christiansen

Every 8 Seconds-Identity is born

Eight seconds is not just a space in time. It is a symbol of significance. According to the United States Census Bureau, a child is born every 8 seconds in this country! Each one possesses something that no one before them has: A unique identity.

Significance matters.

Their authentic, tangible identity is in them. As kids age, they will begin to "identify" with groups and activities such as sports, music, art or debate-but the most empowering part of them is IN THEM-their innate, one of a kind identity. It is not what they identify "with," that sustains them, but rather their unique gifts, strengths, and dreams that propel them forward to the place where they will make the most impact.

As a child, I grew up going to a small lake in the summers. We would swim, waterski and go fishing. I found shiny lures fascinating and was mesmerized watching the fish chase after them. Fish find them attractive because they are bright, new and exciting. These lures also meant potential disaster for a fish, if they took the bait.

Societal lures are baiting our children. Adults play in inexplicably important role in the lives of kids not taking the bait. We need to adopt a laser-like focus that will help shape and guide kids as they maneuver through life. We need to notice them daily. Spending too much time alone, feeling bored, having few boundaries or a lacking direction can make them susceptible to dangerous lures like drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, gangs, crime, and even traffickers. These lures attempt to steal their identity.

Popular culture and media are accessible and powerful lures as well. While it isn't all bad, social media, video games, movies and advertisements appeal to the masses. The fallout occurs when our kids believe the lie about who and what they should BE instead of what they were destined for-to walk in their identity and make an impact!

Behavioral and physical changes along with negative attitudes become culturally expected with children, tweens, and teens as they mature. But we must ask ourselves, "Are we, and do we ask the tough questions when we meet resistance?" Are we willing to guard against their identities, potential and their very futures getting sabotaged? We need to fight for them and with them to keep destructive lures at bay.

Every 8 seconds world changers are born. Our kids are worthy. Living out their authentic identity is where they will feel the most self-worth, happiness, and contentment.

Jenny Christiansen

Life Coach, Speaker, Youth Advocate & Author


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