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Imagination Isn't Just For Kids

In our book Mind Moxie, we discuss the use of imagination to unlock the power to create your ideal future. In Chapter 6, entitled Mental Masterpiece, it says, "Our imagination was most acute when we were kids. We didn't care that the grass was green or the sky was blue. Children open their imagination and create building a three-headed dragon, with tennis racket arms who poops peanut butter." Time has a way of taming our imagination to fit opinions, norms and political correctness."

As we grow into adulthood, we get stifled. We get overbusy, overworked and in the process, can lose the ability to imagine and dream about our future. Our thinking, our conversations, and actions can be directed toward an ideal future if we choose it. So, choose-don't lose it.

There is power in having a vision. One of the most rewarding aspects of the life coaching process is helping a person see their situation in a whole new way. A person's thought life does hold significant power, and visualization is such an exciting part of the process. Helping people create a vision is a skill I must utilize in people's lives to help them see and unlock what is possible.

Here are some significant components I use to help people discover their extraordinary vision:

1. Engage your imagination.

Utilization of your imagination not only allows the idea to take shape, but you must also trust it-and run with it!

2. Think big picture.

Looking at things from a wider lens and broader perspective can help you identify the significance of your current situation.

3. Be aware.

Your priorities matter. Look for what aligns with your values and what will have the most impact.

4. Add to the vision.

A fun and futuristic vision can come to life by adding details to make it come to life.

5. Dig in and maintain your stamina.

Using your imagination requires energy and focus. Focusing on what life may be like requires some grit and determination.

So why have a vision?

-Helps us clarify goals and desires

-It helps you positively manage motivation

-Provides you with a new point of view

-Drives you toward specific actions

-Gives you hope and keeps your life moving forward

Fill your tank with people, teachings, coaching, and books that will help fuel your vision. Our book Mind Moxie is a great resource that will give you encouragement like this:

"Imagination creates the possibility and persistent visualization, making it a reality. We think in images based on the words we see and hear. A single thought has an insignificant impact on our life, but a stream of thoughts builds a vision inside of us. How we see the future is only limited by our thought life."

Don't be limited-live out your vision today!

*Some excerpts for this blog taken from Super Training Guide, a publication of Academic Life Coaching Inc. by John Andrew Williams 

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