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Is Your Frustration Sizzling-Passion Fizzling?

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

An excerpt from:

Mind Moxie-"How to Help you Master What's Mastering You"

Written by Jenny Christiansen (Me!), Crystal Van Kempen McClanahan and

Jody Van Kempen

Your thinking has created the life you have.  Is this life you want? Self-defeating thoughts sabotage our health, wealth, and relationships. We weren't meant to live bland, bored or burned out. Living below God's plan for your life has your frustration sizzling and your passion fizzling. 

Mind Moxie is the key to your freedom. Mind Moxie was written to help you identify the bondage of faulty thinking and guide you through the steps imagining your "ideal" life.

If you struggle with negative thinking...you're not alone. Dr. Caroline Leaf, in her book, Switch on Your Brain, says, "Thoughts occupy mental real estate."  Thoughts are active, they grow and change. Thoughts influence every decision, word, action and physical reaction we make.  

Mind Moxie will help you gain control over your life, while you learn to discipline your thoughts.  This book was written for people who feel powerless, overwhelmed and defeated.  

We promise-if you implement the Mind Moxie Mindset you will gain power over your life.  You will live happier, healthier and more purposeful.  You don't have to live another day feeling discouraged. 

Develop Mind Moxie and master what's been mastering you. 

Order your copy from Amazon today!

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