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Stake Out

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Adjacent to my home is an open field, but within the year construction will begin on these new homes. As my dog and I explore this open field each morning on our walk, we are starting to see many stakes in the ground. Land surveyors have read the design plan and have begun to mark the correct locations so the subcontractors and contractors can place the buildings and roads in the exact areas. These stakes guide the process and are vital for the construction process to begin. They mean something new is happening.

One day it hit me. Sometimes we are called to put a stake down and claim new territory in our lives. It may be attaining a degree, moving to a new city, starting an exercise program, remodeling a room or searching for a new job. Are you being called to place a new stake in your life? Taking on something new may "feel" like a scary prospect, but with courage and determination, it can happen.

Here are three steps toward planting new stakes:

1. Choose a mindset to foster change.

Mindsets impact our forward progression. What we think about is key in determining where we go.

2. Find a coach or accountability partner.

Pick a fan, someone who wants to see you succeed. Partnering with someone who can talk with about progress is critical.

3. Gain encouragement from affirmations.

Say daily, "I am moving forward." "Change is coming."

Post notes on mirrors and refrigerator doors that lift you up as you move forward.

Now go, and plant a stake in that new exciting place you want to go!

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