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The Power of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

The WayPoint Youth Foundation team is ecstatic about the upcoming establishment of an Entrepreneurial Training Center. The goal is to leverage the power of business to create positive social change.

Our MISSION is to use sustainable business in combination with real-time hands-on training to create learning, growth, and advancement opportunities for youth and young adults ages 18-24

What’s the VISION?

To create a series of profitable and sustainable businesses around the nation where youth and young adults not only have a job but onsite living accommodations. They will receive hands-on training on how to run each aspect of the business, and the opportunity to work with an Academic Life Coach to fine tune internal life skills and create a tangible and compelling plan for what is next.


We have identified an existing bed and breakfast in Montana that we would like to transform into a working lodge facility by adding ten tiny home cabin rentals, recreation space, horse and dog boarding for guests, and space for community youth camps. We will also build dorms for our 18-24-year-old program participants.

How is our SUSTAINABLE?:

Once we have the initial start-up funds to purchase the facility and build the tiny home cabins and dorms, we anticipate the facility will be profitable. We are in a unique area where there are approximately 90,000 residents and 2 million visitors each year. By year three we anticipate being able to put a significant amount of revenue aside for the purchase of a second location.


Communities will spend about $300K per youth who age out of foster care over their lifetime for public assistance and incarceration. About 23K youth age out of foster care each year at $300K each which means a total cost of approximately $6.9 BILLION.

What do we plan to do about it?

Combine the power of a self-sustaining business with life coaching creating:



-Positive Momentum

If you have the passion for seeing young people be a part of an entrepreneurial program, please let us know!

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