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Walk The Road Together

I LOVE being a certified life coach. Life coaching is a powerful relationship between a coach and client that helps generate learning, identify capabilities, and accomplish meaningful goals. It is a relevant and powerful vehicle to take action.

Life coaching has a guided "partnership" approach that focuses on the future, not the past. As the client, you are an expert on all things related to you. The process allows for both personal and professional development to take place.

Life coaching is useful for both adults and teens for numerous reasons such as:

1. Two minds are better than one.

-Working with a life coach allows a person to have more focus on their future, with the encouragement of someone else.

2, Facilitates effective action.

-A life coach helps a person design small manageable action steps that are more easily attained.

3. Helps with follow through.

-Accountability is a large part of the coaching process and helps a person follow through on their intended actions.

4. Leads to new systems and habits.

-In time, a coach can help turn desires into effective actions.

5. Coach has a mirror effect.

-A trained life coach helps a person see themselves with more clarity and focus.

Each session is a unique opportunity to work as a team to:

-Increase self-awareness

-Build communication skills

-Refocus thinking

-Improve goal setting

-Adjust mindsets

Consider your values, your goals, and your action plan. Being coached will leave you with a set of tools and strategies to help you navigate the cool life you desire to live!

Excerpts taken from

ALC Training Guide


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