Jenny Christiansen is, simply, a beautiful person inside and out.  Her joy for life, her love for others, and her enthusiasm for encouraging others is contagious and present in all she does.  Throughout our family’s life, she has shown the power of positivity through a variety of struggles, always buoying our spirits with her caring and upbeat message.  Everyone she knows is touched by her spirit.  Her message of perseverance, hope, and grace will undoubtedly inspire others to live a full and happy life.  


David N. Wick


President, National Association of Elementary School Principals



I’ve had the privilege and honor of knowing and working with Jenny for the last three years. Jenny is high achieving, warm, caring, and passionate about her work with a drive to help others move forward in life. She is honest, works with integrity, is creative, responsive, and a fantastic communicator and coach. Her insight and high level of energy make her an incredible contributor to each and every venture she enters into.


Brenda Niemeyer

WayPoint Life Coaching

WayPoint Youth Foundation


I have known Jenny Christiansen for 35 years. I consider her to be one of my go-to's in my life.  We've been through many trials and tribulations and celebrations together: During these trials, tribulations and celebrations I've NEVER seen Jenny falter.  I've never seen her cave and crumble.  Quite the opposite...I've watched Jenny rise to every occasion, growing in her strength, commitment and love for the Lord.  She is one of the most powerful, influential, strongest women I know.  Jenny stands up for what she believes, and knows first hand what it's like to walk through fire.  She's resilient and brilliant with her amazing wisdom she's gained on her life journey.  I have learned so much from her and continue to learn by watching, observing and listening.  I'm a better person just for knowing her and so thankful our paths have crossed on so many different levels. I'm proud to call her my friend, confident and spiritual guide.  


Anneliese Swingle PT, HC, CES

Online Health and Fitness coach, Personal Trainer, Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Specialist



Jenny Christiansen loves fiercely, laughs uncontrollably, leads fearlessly, listens intently, and lives abundantly. She shines the light of Christ unashamedly and serves unreservedly. Her creativity, insight, perspective, and integrity allow her to be used by God in countless ways...to receive revelation knowledge, to impart wisdom, to question incongruity, to encourage growth are just a few. She is a friend who sticks closer than a sister, and I am honored to be called her fellow DIVA in the Big Kingdom! 


Linda Kieper

Independent Senior Sales Director

Mary Kay, Inc.

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